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Overlooked: 7 Core Values That Can Not Be Overlooked

Overlooked came about by the things that were overlooked as a child by myself and others. These things caused me to suffer from true health. I have overlooked certain things in my life and seen others overlook things that caused them to suffer in true health. There’s no way we can be 100% healthy if we continue to overlook these 7 simple core principles that I am sharing with you in this book. A lot of people want to be healthy, but don’t know how. Once I began to focus on these core principles, my life began to change. I have shared it with others and I have seen miracles in some of the changes people have made.

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Health & Wellness

In conventional medicine health and wellness is neglected.  Dr Artis teaches a chiropractic lifestyle that is aligned with the way your body is designed to health.  Faith in the body to heal is the 1st foundation of Health and wellness.  He teaches his core principals of spinal health, physical fitness, healthy eating and proper rest.  These principles have changed the lives of thousands of people. 

Leadership Development

Everyone is a leader in some aspect.  Dr. Artis has a gift for developing the leaders around him.  Dr Artis teaches servant hood as one of his key cornerstones to leadership.  His principles inspire leaders to dream bigger.  He can help you or your organization go to the next level. 

Motivational/Educational Speaking

Sometimes we all get stuck and need little push or a big push or a different way to look at things.  Whether it is trouble reaching goals or health challenges, Dr. Artis inspires people to live in the spirit.  This is where true inspiration is found.  This changes cultures of any group or organization.


Mentoring is for all ages! It is the law of attraction, we all benefit when we hang around successful people.  Dr Artis has a passion for the youth, by letting them know they can do anything they put there mind too.  1st priority is health.

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As a child, Dr. Artis experienced health issues, ranging from digestive problems to asthma. After completing his undergraduate studies from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC, he began working in the pharmaceutical industry. After several years in the field of pharmaceuticals, it was clear that drugs were not the answer to good health. Soon after being introduced to the power of chiropractic care, his body began to function at a phenomenal level. Dr. Artis then pursued his Doctorate in Chiropractic and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA.

Dr. Artis is a successful Chiropractor and the co-founder of Health On Earth Wellness Centers. He is a health expert that has helped thousands of people. Dr. Artis is committed to being an inspiration to everyone he comes in contact, helping people develop new strategies and accountabilities, maximizing the possibilities of good health.

Dr. Artis is an active member of the community and frequently participates in mission trips all over the world, spreading the power of chiropractic care and how it is possible to be physically disconnected from divine healing. Dr. Artis believes that education is ongoing and it is important to stay up to date on all health related issues. He lectures on the importance of maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Shirlene and two children, Madisun and Landun.

Dr. Artis had a plan for his life, but God had an even bigger plan. “It is my belief that when you are in alignment with God and surrender, anything is possible”.

Favorite Mottos: “Be the Change you want to see in the World”.

                                    – Mahatma Gandhi

                                    “Life is Good”.

                                    -Dr. John Artis


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